The MCA (Modern Contemporary Art Museum) is a hip place in Denver.  I love going there because they always have something fun going on. “Black Sheep Fridays” for instance, are a blast, if you like your events to be a little odd (I for one will be entering my darling cat into a feline photo contest there on September, 16th). Tomorrow the MCA is showing a sneak preview of the documentary “Drop-City” to tie in with their latest exhibit “Center of the West”.  I went to the “Center of the West” exhibit in November and really loved it! The exhibit was on 1960’s counterculture and specifically about an experimental commune in Colorado during that time.  The components of this show will be featured in the preview of ”Drop-City”.  I suggest going to see the exhibit before it closes on Sunday and to the 4pm showing of Drop-City. 

          Also tomorrow is Artopia, tickets are a bit pricey but worth it, lots of cool artists and performers involved.

″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi